Mass Incarceration, Deportation, Stop and Frisk: The Urban Ecology of the Prison-Industrial Complex

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
LaGuardia Community College
Please join the Social Science Department in welcoming
Professor Ruth Wilson Gilmore to
LaGuardia Community College  (room E-501) on
Tuesday, May 6th from 5-7 pm. Dr. Gilmore will be presenting the third annual Robert Fitch Memorial Lecture in room E-501. Her talk is entitled: “Mass Incarceration, Deportation, Stop and Frisk: The Urban Ecology of the [read more»]

Creative Alternatives to Capitalism Conference

05/23/2014 - 05/24/2014
All Day
May 23 and 24, 2014. Elebash Recital Hall, Graduate Center, CUNY,
Rose Auditorium, Cooper Union
 Working Program Day 1 (Elebash Recital Hall, Graduate Center, CUNY)  10:00-10:20 Welcome David Harvey 10:30-12:00 PANEL: Solidarity Economies Meliha Safri, moderator; Marguerite Mendell, Mike Menser; Craig Borowiak 12:00-1:00 LUNCH 1:00-2:30 PANEL: Labor Sujatha Fernandes, Ruth Milkman, reps from Domestic Workers United, Taxi [read more»]

Food Justice, Food Sovereignty: Building Global Solidarity towards a Just Food System

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Room 9204
Emerging from the Civil Rights Movement, Food Justice embodies the struggles of local communities in the United States for racial justice in the food system. Outside the US, peasants and indigenous people defend the idea of Food Sovereignty, the right of local communities to define their own food policies - what to plant and what to eat. Despite their different origins, both Food Justice and Food Sovereignty represent the goal of moving towards a more Just Food System. [read more»]

Transnational Movement Building

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Room C202
Emilio Spataro–from the Guardianes del Ibera movement, Corrientes, Argentina–joins us in a discussion on bringing students, environmental and social justice activists in the USA together with rural communities in Argentina to stop Harvard University from destroying one of the world’s largest wetlands and exploiting indigenous communities. April 9, 2014
Room C202, CUNY GC A reception will be held [read more»]

BDS and Academic Freedom

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Skylight Conference Room, 9th Floor
Panelists: Professor Bill Mullen (Purdue), Radhika Sainath (Palestine Solidarity Legal Support), Sherry Wolf (International Socialist Review), Professor Ashley Dawson (College of Staten Island/Graduate Center, CUNY) Moderator: Christopher Stone (Hunter/Graduate Center, CUNY) April 2, 2014
Room C202-205, CUNY GC This event will be livestreamed and recorded here: Following the official endorsement of the American Studies [read more»]