Transforming CUNY: admissions, studies, movements

Transforming CUNY: admissions, studies, movements

January 20, 6-8:15 PM EST

This is an online event and will take place on Zoom. 
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This event will include live 
captioning in English.
Livestreaming will also occur on Youtube.

The history of how Black and Puerto Rican youth movements led the transformation of CUNY’s admissions and curricula contains lessons for public education/city struggles nationwide. Tami Gold, Pam Sporn, and Gisely Colón López will share their new film MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE, about how Black and Puerto Rican student-led struggles won Puerto Rican Studies at Brooklyn College in the late 1960s. Ricardo Gabriel will speak about the historical and geopolitical context that led to the Puerto Rican student movement and the demand for Puerto Rican studies at CUNY from 1969 through the early 1970s. Amaka Okechukwu will present about the 1970 creation and 1999 termination of the Open Admissions policy at CUNY, detailed in her new book To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open AdmissionsAnna Zeemont will discuss gender justice and intersectionality in 1990s CUNY activist/arts publications and movements.

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Radiating Black ~ Puerto Rican ~ Feminist Studies from the City University of New York to the Americas and the Caribbean

Radiating Black ~ Puerto Rican ~ Feminist Studies from the City University of New York to the Americas and the Caribbean

Conor Tomás Reed in Residence

November 1, 2020 – January 31, 2021

Collage banner image by Sweet Relief Print Studio

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Ruth Wilson Gilmore and David Harvey featured in Antipode documentaries

The Antipode Film Project of the Antipode Journal and Foundation produced two short documentaries with the director of the CPCP, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, and the director of research, David Harvey. Geographies of Racial Capitalism with Ruth Wilson Gilmore and David Harvey and the City are documentaries available as of June 2020, and both will be made available in perpetuity through the website: AntipodeOnline.org.

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5/6-13: Online Film Screening: False Belief

The CPCP is pleased to cosponsor the free streaming of the film FALSE BELIEF for one week only, from:

May 6, 12pm – May 13, 2020

To view, go to: https://kunstnerneshus.no/en/cinema/hjemmekino-lene-berg

Lene Berg’s critically acclaimed film False Belief (2019) is based on autobiographical events and reconstructs the filmmaker’s Kafkaesque journey through the American criminal justice system after her partner gets arrested, put on trial and eventually imprisoned for no reason.

This event is in lieu of a live screening and discussion we hoped to have this spring. We recommend the book of former CPCP visiting scholar, Christina Hanhardt, Safe Space, as a companion piece for this film.

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POSTPONED: CPCP Annual Conference on The Agrarian Question Today

Photo Credit: Cristiano Navarro: Indigenous communities displaced by agribusiness corporations in Brazil

In response to precautions against the spread of COVID-19, the annual conference of the Center for Place, Culture and Politics will be rescheduled to a later date. We will provide an update in the near future.

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