Each academic year the Center appoints six CUNY faculty fellows and six CUNY doctoral student fellows from throughout CUNY. Fellows are drawn from doctoral programs in the social sciences, humanities, and sciences. Faculty fellows receive a two course release for the year of their fellowship (to be distributed across the fall and spring semesters at the discretion of their department), and Graduate fellows receive a stipend of $10,000. ONLY full-time CUNY faculty are eligible for faculty fellowships, and ONLY Level III CUNY doctoral students are eligible for Graduate Fellowships. You can read detailed abstracts of our current fellows’ research here. For information on becoming a visiting scholar at the center, please refer to the link on the left side of the page.


Seminar Theme 2015-2016

The Dialectics of Autonomy and Dependence

Self-determination had a heady run in the 20th century, instanced by both revolutionary assertion and homogenizing mimicry. But what is autonomy now? What is dependence? How are these conditions of existence necessarily related – as contradictory rather than contrasting ideologies, representations, relations, outcomes? What forms reveal the dialectic at work? What forms disguise or displace the dynamic? The 2015-16 CPCP seminar invites applicants to examine these questions from the widest variety of interdisciplinary approaches. From alternative economic development projects in distressed communities to new social media; from struggles to establish independent nation-states to innovations in art and culture more broadly construed; from new social movements to insights from science studies – we will articulate the dialectic by studying together a range of particular challenges and cases. Certain themes will likely run through the seminar but by no means bind it: if racial capitalism persistently syncretizes, how might working outside capitalism also do this? What values, visions, imaginings, exercises make autonomous power, and on the basis of what unexamined or deferred contradictions? Can radical dependence be saved? How are such tensions expressed?


Visit this page for information about the 2014-2015 seminar theme.



The Center will appoint six faculty fellows and six graduate student fellows. Fellows will be drawn from throughout the social sciences, humanities and sciences at CUNY. Faculty fellows will receive two course releases for the year of their fellowship, and Graduate fellows will receive a stipend of $10,000. All full-time CUNY faculty are eligible for the fellowship. Only Level III GSUC students are eligible for Graduate fellowships. Non-CUNY students are not eligible for the fellowship, but may apply with their own funding to be visiting scholars. Fellows are expected to attend the weekly seminars, distinguished lectures and Center conferences, and to present their research at one of the weekly seminars. The Center seminar meets on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 12 noon, and it is a condition of the fellowship that fellows leave this time free in their teaching schedules. Distinguished lectures will generally be held on Tuesdays at 6pm followed by a reception, and prospective fellows should also keep this time slot free.

The deadline for for doctoral fellow applications is Wednesday, January 14, 2015, by 12 PM. The deadline for Faculty Fellowship applications is Wednesday January 28, 2015 by midnight.



Doctoral Students must apply using the Graduate Center Provost’s Office Dissertation Fellowships and Awards Application. Please adhere to the guidelines detailed by the Provost’s Office.  Note that this application is not sent directly to the Center for Place, culture and politics.  ***Questions about the Doctoral Student Fellowship should be directed to Rachel Sponzo at rsponzo@gc.cuny.edu, or 212-817-7282.

The application guidelines, cover sheet, and a list of frequently asked questions can be found on the Provost’s Office website, under the “important updates” section in the upper right-hand corner, http://www.gc.cuny.edu/About-the-GC/Provosts-Office.  Your GC login and password are needed to access these materials.

Please be aware that the recommendation letter from your adviser must also be received by Wednesday, January 14, 2015, by 12 PM.  As a reminder, please submit your cover sheet, proposal, cv, and transcript as a single document.

Students should include a brief “statement of applicability” in their application file/materials. In this statement, please highlight the connection between your research and the theme. It should be 1 page or less in length.

The application materials should be assembled AS A SINGLE DOCUMENT in pdf or word format in the following order:

a.      Application cover sheet
b.      Statement of applicability for special focus awards (if needed for specialized awards)
c.      9-page proposal
d.      1-page bibliography
e.      2-page CV
f.      Graduate Center Transcript (unofficial student copy is sufficient)

One letter of reference to be submitted electronically by your adviser (see instructions page).



Deadline:     The deadline for applications is Wednesday January 28, 2015, by midnight. Your emailed application must be received on or before this date to be considered.

Applications:     A completed Faculty Fellow Application is comprised of four parts:

*         Completed faculty application form 2015 that includes the signature of the program Executive Officer for faculty with GSUC appointments or of Department Chairs for non-GSUC appointments

*         150 word abstract

*         Project description (maximum 1500 words)

*         a current short CV (maximum 5 pages)

Submission guidelines:     Submit completed application by e-mail as a PDF attachment (including the signed application form) to pcp@gc.cuny.edu. Title email as: “FACULTY FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION.” The application deadline is midnight, Wednesday January 28, 2015.

Inquiries can be sent to pcp@gc.cuny.edu


APPLICATION INFORMATION FOR 2014-2015 POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP                  (Please note that this position is filled. This information is here for general knowldge about the postdoctoral position. Information will be updated when a new search is initiated).

As a Post-Doctoral Fellow, conducts research, teaches at undergraduate and/or graduate levels, contributing to academic programs in a specialized discipline.  Shares responsibility for committee and department assignments, performing administrative, supervisory, and other functions as may be assigned.  This is a non-tenure track position of limited duration.

The Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) announces a post-doctoral position for academic year 2014-2015, pending budgetary approval, with the possibility of renewal for a second year.  We seek applicants who work on issues related to the theme “After Debt,” in the context of a general concern for understanding processes of uneven geographical development at different scales.

The Center, established in 2000, is interdisciplinary and strives to provide an intellectual forum for the discussion of a wide range of vital contemporary issues.  Each academic year, faculty and graduate student fellows from different disciplines explore a specific theme at the Center through a weekly seminar.  The Center also hosts prominent national and international scholars and activists who have done significant work related to the theme and invites distinguished outside lecturers to present their work.  Over the past several years the Center has sought to work more closely with urban social movements in New York City and beyond on the theme of The Right to the City.

The role of the post-doctoral fellow (Visiting Assistant Professor) is integral to the yearly running of the Center.  In addition to conducting their own research, the post-doc will be expected to attend and contribute to the weekly seminar at the Center and support other Center initiatives, such as promotion of conferences and symposia.  The duties of the post-doc will also include active involvement with the Right to the City initiative.  During the year the fellow may be invited to offer one graduate level course on a topic of their own choosing.

For further details on the work of our center, and of the theme “After Debt”, please visit pcp.gc.cuny.edu.

Ph.D. degree in area(s) of experience or equivalent.  Also required are the ability to teach successfully, demonstrated scholarship or creative achievement, and ability to cooperate with others for the good of the institution.

To be eligible, candidates should have their doctoral dissertations in hand and must have completed their dissertations within five years of taking up the Fellowship.


To apply please use the CUNYfirst portal and send a cover letter, a 1000 word research plan, a curriculum vitae, a representative article or dissertation chapter, and the names and contact information of three recommenders.  Please include all documents in one pdf file.

Apply through the CUNYfirst portal here.

March 22, 2014

CUNY Job Posting: Faculty

We are committed to enhancing our diverse academic community by actively encouraging people with disabilities, minorities, veterans, and women to apply.  We take pride in our pluralistic community and continue to seek excellence through diversity and inclusion. EO/AA Employer.