Each academic year the Center appoints six CUNY faculty fellows and six CUNY doctoral student fellows from throughout CUNY. Fellows are drawn from doctoral programs in the social sciences, humanities, and sciences. Faculty fellows receive a two course release for the year of their fellowship (to be distributed across the fall and spring semesters at the discretion of their department), and Graduate fellows receive a stipend of $10,000. ONLY full-time CUNY faculty are eligible for faculty fellowships, and ONLY Level III CUNY doctoral students are eligible for Graduate Fellowships. You can read abstracts of past fellows’ research here.  Deadlines for this fellowships are announced below once they are determined.

The Center also offers a Post-Doctoral Fellowship position every one to two years (see below). Information on becoming a Visiting Scholar at the Center can be found here.


Seminar Theme 2018-2019

Insurgent Solidarities

–histories, formations, futures—

 Given the political challenges of the present, the necessity for a deeper understanding of radical solidarity appears more pressing than ever. Yet while solidarity has been pivotal to social change since at least the Haitian Revolution, how it is articulated has never been less than problematic. Is it a process of political change? Is it its goal? How does solidarity define what it is against without excluding forms of political difference that might enhance it? What can be learned from solidarity in the past, especially when contingent solidarity in the present regards such a history with justifiable incredulity? There can be no doubt that notions of solidarity continue to impact creatively how one understands political opposition and change, how one interrogates constituency and allies, goals and timelines. The differences of solidarity and a respect for the specificity of particular struggles clearly invigorates how solidarity is now engaged, but solidarity can also be more than negotiated coalitions and fragmented alliances. The CPCP seminar 2018-2019 encourages applications on the theme of “insurgent solidarities.” What makes solidarity insurgent? Is it its composition or the kind of change it struggles to affect? What are its political and cultural scales and modes, and what are their significance today? In what ways is solidarity not just an object of knowledge, but actively produces it?

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Doctoral Students must apply using the Graduate Center Provost’s Office Dissertation Fellowships and Awards Application. Please adhere to the guidelines detailed by the Provost’s Office.  Note that this application is not sent directly to the Center for Place, Culture and Politics.  ***Questions about the Doctoral Student Fellowship should be directed to Rachel Sponzo at rsponzo@gc.cuny.edu, or 212-817-7282.

The application guidelines, cover sheet, and a list of frequently asked questions can be found on the Provost’s Office website, https://www.gc.cuny.edu/CUNY_GC/media/CUNY-Graduate-Center/Provost/2018-19-GC-Dissertation-Fellowship-Application.pdf?ext=.pdf

Your GC login and password are needed to access these materials.

Please be aware that the recommendation letter from your adviser must also be received by Wednesday January 17th, 2018, by 12 PM.  As a reminder, please submit your cover sheet, proposal, cv, and transcript as a single document.

Students should include a brief “statement of applicability” in their application file/materials. In this statement, please highlight the connection between your research and the theme. It should be 1 page or less in length.

The application materials should be assembled AS A SINGLE DOCUMENT in pdf or word format in the following order:

a.      Application cover sheet
b.     Statement of applicability responding to Center for Place, Culture and Politics
c.      9-page project description
d.     1-page bibliography
e.     2-page CV
f.      Graduate Center Transcript (unofficial student copy is sufficient)

One letter of reference to be submitted electronically by your adviser (see instructions page).




The deadline for applications is Wednesday January 31st, 2018, by midnight. Your emailed application must be received on or before this date to be considered.


A completed  Faculty-Fellow-Application is comprised of four parts:

  • Completed faculty application form 2018 that includes the signature of the program Executive Officer for faculty with Graduate School and University Center(GSUC) appointments or of Department chairs for non-GSUC appointments. (This is on the second page of the .doc above)
  • 150 words abstract
  • Project description (maximum 1550 words)
  • A current shot CV (maximum 5 pages)

Submission guidelines:

Submit completed application by e-mail as a PDF attachment (including the signed application form) to pcp@gc.cuny.edu. Title email as: “FACULTY FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION”. The application deadline is midnight January 31st, 2018

Inquiries can be sent to pcp@gc.cuny.edu** 



Please note: the CPCP is NOT advertising a Post-Doctoral Fellowships for 2018–2019. Please consult this webpage next year regarding a call for 2019-2020.