Information for Visiting Scholars

Information for Visiting Scholars

The Center for Place, Culture and Politics is pleased to host visiting scholars whose work aligns with our interests, especially the chosen theme for the year. We provide shared office space, access to our library and research computing facilities, and we invite visiting scholars to be active participants in our weekly seminar.

To be considered for a visiting scholar residency at CPCP, please send your CV and a brief research abstract (approximately 300 words) to pcp[at], along with your proposed dates of stay in New York City. Please also refer to the following list of frequently asked questions regarding visiting scholars at the Center for Place, Culture and Politics.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can the Center provide funding for my research?

Unfortunately, our center cannot provide funding, travel reimbursement, or any other means of financial support for visiting scholars.

2) Can the Center assist me in finding housing in New York City?

Our Center cannot arrange for your housing. The CUNY Graduate Center recently opened a residence for students and faculty in Manhattan. However, visiting scholars are not eligible to apply. In the past, visiting scholars have used resources such as to find sublets for the duration of their stay.

3) I am applying for a research grant (Fulbright, Marie Curie, a grant from my university, etc). Can the Center act as my host institution?

CPCP will consider acting as your host institution in grant competitions. Please send us your CV and a research abstract as described above and our directors will reply as soon as possible.

4) I am not a U.S. national. Can I still apply to be a visiting scholar?

Yes, we welcome visiting scholars from all countries. In the past we have hosted scholars from France, Great Britain, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Korea, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, and the Netherlands. In the coming year we will add India, Chile, Norway, and Greece to this list. The CUNY Graduate Center will sponsor your J-1 exchange scholar visa to facilitate your residency.