Movement Building, Capitalism, and the State

Tuesday, April 9, 6:30 PM
The Graduate Center CUNY (365 Fifth Avenue)
Skylight room (9th floor)

Movement Building, Capitalism, and the State:
Struggles in Education Transportation & Agriculture

Join authors Ujju Aggarwal, Maria Luisa Mendonca and Kafui Attoh in a conversation on capitalism, the state, and movement building, with Ruth Wilson Gilmore as discussant. Drawing on material from their recently released books, Usettling Choice: Race, Rights, and the Partitioning of Public Education, The Political Economy of Agribusiness, and Disrupting D.C.: The Rise of Uber and the Fall of the City the authors will discuss the links between the neoliberal restructuring of school systems, food systems, and urban transportation systems.

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VIDEO: Academics Writing Fiction- Ruth Behar and Paul Stoller in conversation

From Zora Neale Hurston to Raymond Williams, academics have sometimes turned to fiction as a way of accessing deeper truths than what is possible through academic research and writing. Scholars have lauded fictional dramas such as The Wire for showing the interconnectedness of urban inequality in ways that academic work has failed to do. In this panel, anthropologists Ruth Behar and Paul Stoller will reflect on the kinds of creative and experimental writing that they and other academics have engaged in. The panel will consider the possibilities and place of fiction within the social sciences.