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  1. I am a teacher at a public university of Bahia, UNEB, University of Bahia, northeastern Brazil. I Master’s degree in geography at UFBA, Federal University of Bahia and currently do a doctorate in geography at Unicamp, Campinas State University. My research relates place, territory, culture and religion of African origin, searching for a dialogue between dialectical materialism and phenomenology. I’m happy to get this contact with you.

  2. Iam Lía, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, just wanted to be in touch, know what you are doing and plan to go there for some work. Thank you! I’m glad to be in touch.

  3. Thanks for keeping me posted and hope to attend meetings and most of all participate in BDS against apartheid.

    • I am a retired attorney in Florida. Born in India much before Mishra was born. I m fascinated by the book Mishra wrote: Ruins of the Empire. I am really impressed with the research and scholarship. I wish to have a personal contact with Mishra and enjoy exchanging some of my thoughts, if possible. I want to know his telephone number and email to communicate with him’

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