Video: CPCP 2023 Conference: The State: Abolitionist? Fascist? Communist? Bourgeois?

The Center for Place, Culture and Politics presented its annual conference May 5-6, 2023 at The People’s Forum.

The State: Abolitionist? Fascist? Communist? Bourgeois? 

In imagining and forging the future there is much talk of the state, but often with little detail.  What should public goods consist of, and how might they be organized? Can the need for coercion (eg to pay taxes for public goods) be realized without the carceral and its underlying apparatuses of organized violence? What forms of sovereignty and its delegation (above or below) are possible and desirable?  We are particularly interested in lessons from people struggling for resource sovereignty in the global south — across the entire scope of dispossession: land, water, housing, freedom to move or stay put. We are also interested in creative approaches to reflecting on the state — including fiction, film, visual and aural arts.

Speakers and Panels:

Time Future From Time Past: Lessons From Kerala
Mythri Prasad-Aleyamma
Nissim Mannathukkaren
Rekha Raj

Municipal Futures
Kazembe Balagun
Maliha Safri
Miguel Robles-Durán
Josep Bohigas Arnau

Leftism Resurgent: Latin America’s Pink Tide
Raquel Rolnik
Carolina Bank Muñoz
Gianpaolo Baiocchi

Closing Roundtable
Ruth Wilson Gilmore
David Harvey