Video: 9th Annual PRAT Conference: Climate Change and the Future of Humanity (Part 1)

Conference Program:

Greetings and Opening Statement
J. Everet Green, Mercy College
Mary Taylor, CUNY, The Graduate Center

The Philosophy of Cycling and Climate Change
Brittany O’Neal, Lehman College

Jamaica Beach Birthright Environmental Movement

(End of Part 1 video)

Chavire Chodyè shutdowns and protests:  Towards a new modernity in Haiti

Mamyrah Dougé Prosper  – Panel Chair

Dr. Georges Eddy Lucien, Université d’État d’Haiti
Dr. Sabine Lamour, Université d’État d’Haiti
Nixon Boumba, Mouvement Démocratique Populaire (MODEP)
Ernst Jean-Pierre, Gwoup RASIN / Lakou Palmin (La Montagne, Jacmel)

(End of Part 2 video, in Kreyol)

Climate Change and ecological Destruction base on Colonialism
Kenneth Cuvalay, Ubuntu Connection

Reflections on Malcolm Ferdinand’s intertwining of both decolonizing and defending the environment
Gail Presbey, University of Detroit & Mercy College

Ecological Degradation in the Congo
Maurice Carney, Executive Director, Friends of the Congo

Closing Remarks

(End of Part 3 video)