The Internet Shares Its Archive of Neil Smith’s Work

Plans are still in formation for a public memorial service at the Graduate Center. Further details will be available in the near future and posted to our mailing list.

Thank you to everyone who shared their memories of and messages for Neil Smith over the past several days. A number of blogs and other media outlets have posted their own tributes to Neil so we wanted to compile some of these in a single place. These posts, like the comments posted on this website, offer a small glimpse into the breadth and reach of Neil’s work. They are in no way exhaustive of Neil’s work, but they hint at the impacts of his work on the world of social theory and political activism.

Photo credit Sabine Bitter via themainlander.com


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Keith Miyake is a graduate of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. His work crosses the fields of political economic geography, environmental justice and environmental governance, critical race and ethnic studies, American studies, and Asian American studies. His dissertation examined the institutionalization of environmental and racial knowledges within the contemporary capitalist state.

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