“Nothing to Lose but our Fear” Fiona Jeffries in conversation with Silvia Federici and David Harvey

“Nothing to Lose but our Fear”
Fiona Jeffries in conversation with Silvia Federici and David Harvey

Wednesday, December 2, 6-8pm

Sociology lounge, room 6112

Nothing to Lose but Our Fear brings together an international group of scholars and activists and asks them how can we think critically and act productively in a world awash in fear. Their
conversations with Fiona Jeffries provoke consideration of the often hidden histories of people’s emancipatory practices and offer reflections that can help us understand the
conjuncture of systemic fear and resistance.


Fiona Jeffries is a scholar working in the materialist feminist
tradition whose writing and research focus on questions of social fear, precarity, repression, resistance, commoning and care amidst neoliberal enclosures. She is an Instructor in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies at Carleton University and a Visiting
Scholar at the Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities at Simon Fraser University. She is currently working on a book with Pablo Mendez (Carleton Geography) on urban struggles around the means of social reproduction.

Silvia Federici is a long time feminist activist, teacher and writer. She was a co-founder of the International Feminist Collective, the New York Wages For Housework Committee, the Radical Philosophy Association Anti-Death Penalty Project and the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa. She has taught at the University of Port Harcourt (Nigeria) and Hofstra University. She has authored many essays on feminist theory and history. Her published books include: “Caliban and the Witch. Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation”; “Revolution at Point Zero”; “Enduring Western Civilization: The Construction of the Concept of Western Civilization and its Others” (editor); “Thousand Flowers: Social Struggles Against Structural Adjustment in African Universities” (co-editor).

David Harvey is Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography at the City University of New York (CUNY) and author of various books, articles, and lectures. He is the author of Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism(Profile Books, 2014), one of The Guardian’s(http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2011/dec/02/books-christmas-presents-economics-reviews“) Best Books of 2011, The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism (Oxford University Press, 2010). Other books include A Companion to Marx’s Capital, Limits to Capital, and Social Justice and the City. Professor Harvey has been teaching Karl Marx’s Capital for nearly 40 years. His lectures on Marx’s Volumes I and II are available for download (free) on his website. He was director of the Center for Place, Culture and Politics from 2008-2014.

This event is sponsored by the Center for Place, culture and Politics. It is free and open to the public.


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