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    1. Malcolm Steinberg

      Thanks for keeping me posted and hope to attend meetings and most of all participate in BDS against apartheid.

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    3. Felicia Rosshandler

      Amiga Ruth, so close and yet so far. We will not be in town for your talk but remember intensely our time together in Jerusalem. Hope there will be a next time. Very very fond regards, Felicia and Edmundo

    4. simon

      Hallo – ich war am Wochenende auf dem X- Art festival – dort lief der Film ” Von Bärten und anderen begehrlichkeiten” den ich mit gamcht habe. Ich habe da auch dein Video “the decadence of your starvation gesehen” und fands super toll. Ich wohn in Bremen und bin dort in einer queer- feministsichen Konzertgtuppe ( Betty Beatz) und wir mache eine FLTBI 8. März Party und wollen im Foyer verschiedenen Künstler_innen raum geben. Könnten wir eventuell das Video dort eventuell zeigen?
      lg simon*

    5. Pablo Mateos

      Capitslism is everywhere. You only have to spend a few days in Cuba to see how it emerges in every corner, almost as part of a human nature desire to trade and improve chances in life. It is naive to talk about precapitalist societies in most countries and hence the imperialist discourse based con World powers is outdated. A different thing are multinacional companies but thats more to do with globalization and neoliberalism